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LCRA awards $100,000 grant for upgrades to Pflugerville’s water system

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January 26, 2021


PFLUGERVILLE, Texas – The City of Pflugerville will update its water metering infrastructure and create a customer portal with help from a $100,000 grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority.

The cost-share grant will help replace the city’s current meters with advanced metering infrastructure and create an easy way for customers to monitor their water use in real time. The total project cost is $8 million.

“As a utility, the grant will allow us to automate a lot of our meters that currently require staff to drive around for readings,” said Brandon Pritchett, Pflugerville’s public utility director. “The new automated system will free them up to assist customers and will alert us to any red flags and help us better address our water conservation measures.”

He said customers would benefit by being able to monitor their water use throughout the billing cycle, which could help them cut back during high-use times and provide an early alert of any water leaks.

The project is expected to decrease potable water use and conserve water from the Highland Lakes. Pflugerville anticipates the project will save 92.7 acre-feet, or roughly 30.2 million gallons, of water annually.

“It means a lot to have LCRA partner with us and approve our grant application for the full amount,” Pritchett said. “LCRA’s trust in us will help us do the right thing for our customers.”

John Hofmann, LCRA executive vice president of Water, said LCRA is proud to support Pflugerville’s water conservation efforts.

“Installing efficient, water-saving infrastructure and technology helps decrease water waste and conserve water from the Highland Lakes,’’ Hofmann said. “Large projects like this can make a real difference in water conservation efforts.”

The grants are awarded through LCRA’s Firm Water Conservation Cost-Share Program, which provides funding for water efficiency projects and programs established by LCRA’s firm water customers, including cities, utilities, industries, irrigation and recreational water users. Eligible projects must help reduce or maximize the efficient use of surface water, including water loss reduction efforts, equipment efficiency upgrades and conversion of irrigated areas from raw or potable water use to recycled water.

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The Lower Colorado River Authority serves customers and communities throughout Texas by managing the lower Colorado River; generating and transmitting electric power; providing a clean, reliable water supply; and offering outdoor adventures at more than 40 parks along the Colorado River from the Texas Hill Country to the Gulf Coast. LCRA and its employees are committed to fulfilling our mission to enhance the quality of life of the Texans we serve through water stewardship, energy and community service. LCRA was created by the Texas Legislature in 1934 and receives no state appropriations. For more information, visit lcra.org.

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